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    First, I just want to thanks the development team for all the hard work related to creating and releasing Genesis 2.0. I can only imagine how much work it was to roll things out without too many problems. Great job to all. Thank you.

    On to my suggestion:
    When Genesis mobile responsive design themes were first announced (back in 2012?) the first themes were blog type themes and I know there were several developers including myself that expressed the need for more business type themes to be available. You see, the first ones, like with the Genesis 2.0 launch were blog type themes and those needing a business type theme had to wait a few weeks if I recall correctly for one to be released.

    I realize that there are likely several more themes in cue, but it would have be REALLY nice to have had a business type theme or two available at launch of Genesis 2.0. Just wanted to remind you of the suggestion last time and mention it again as the launch was bit of a let down for me in this respect.

    With that in mind, if there were common elements to all themes, this would be less of an issue. For instance, if all themes came with a minimum of three layout options (five would be even better) and a portfolio page, this would allow many of the blog type themes to be repurposed as business themes without too much hassle.

    I know a Portfolio page is pretty easy to add, as demonstrated by Brian here:, but it sure would be nice to have a common set of features for each theme as this would give developers like myself more options. Heck, I would even pay more for the privilege. 8-)

    Thanks for listening to my suggestion.

    Perhaps there are others who will support my thoughts, or not? I look forward to the discussion.




    You know that you can easily use that code on any theme and simply need to change the value for the width on one line only.

    Its basically a copy and paste job which i have comp0leted on at least 6 of the most popular child themes without any issues.



    Hi Brad,

    Thanks for participating in the discussion. Yes, that demo that Brian did looked pretty straight forward, but again I still wish there were a couple more business themes available at the launch of Genesis 2.0 thus taking advantage of HTML5 rather than having to port older XHTML themes.

    Here is another take on adding the portfolio, which look pretty useful, especially l for those who switch themes a lot:

    I also ran across this which looks like it makes it easy to port older XHTML themes to HTML5. I will give both of these a try in the coming weeks.:

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