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    I need to create a grid of images on the homepage which link to the most recent post in defined categories – one image per category.

    The images in the grid will be the featured image from the latest blog post in the corresponding category and update automatically when a new post is added. It is not a thumbnail gallery, it is in effect a pictoral menu of categories.

    Similar in function to the Featured Widget Amplified, but rather than just one image in the widget, a whole grid of featured images.

    Ideally there needs to be an overlay/caption/fade on rollover/hover too.

    This is the functionality offered by ProPhoto grids . My last resort is rebuilding my site from scratch in ProPhoto, but I’d like to avoid this if possible by adding a plugin to my existing Genesis site. I’ve searched but can’t seem to find anything with exactly this functionality.

    Any suggestions welcome, thank you.


    Justin Tadlock offers a portfolio plugin which may be what you’re after or you could fairly easily code a portfolio page or a custom page template with widgets.

    The widgets is the best option in my opinion because you can the populate each one with the Genesis Featured posts widgets and select one category per widget .

    How many categories do you need to display on the portfolio archive page?



    Hi there, thanks for your reply. I’ll check out Justin Tadlock’s plugin.

    I need 9 in total, arranged in a 3×3 grid. I started out with featured post widgets, but I couldn’t work out how to arrange all 9 in a 3×3 grid within one wigetised area. I’m using Dynamik which has a 3×3 widget homepage configuration option, but it seemed really clunky to have 9 wigetised areas all containing 1x Featured post widget…

    I also felt the featured posts widget looked really flat without any appearance change on rollover/hover. I see another post here this morning where someone is requesting advice on how to achieve a similar effect. On first inspection, the process looks beyond my capabilities though but if I sit down quietly when I have a bit more time I might be able to work it out…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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