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    I have basic wordpress design knowledge and I’m looking to create a simple but professional looking site myself using a platform/framework + theme. I found diythemes too difficult to design as you have to design everything from scratch, so I gave up on that. I then looked into both elegant themes and studiopress and ended up purchasing elegant themes (which I have on my site now). It’s much easier than diy to customize and I’m not as intimidated by it. Now that I came across a couple themes on studiopress that I like–beautiful and lifestyle pro, I’m wondering if studiopress is easier or about the same as elegant theme to design (I don’t want to design something from scratch). If anyone here is familar with elegant themes, I’d appreciate feedback. By design I mean creating pages like you see on lifestylepro or beautiful plus adding sidebar widgets and plugins like related articles, share and social media icons.


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    I used Elegant Themes for design work for a long time. I would say Genesis is more difficult in terms of the amount of CSS/PHP knowledge required – it’s not as confusing as Thesis but you do need to be comfortable manipulating styles and code. However, the great thing about Genesis is that it is far better coded, plus all functionality changes work the same way – once you know one child theme, you can customize any of them.

    All that said, if you aren’t comfortable with coding, look at the Prose child theme. It has a design panel built in where you can select colors, fonts, etc. for different parts of the site.

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    I’d start with the Genesis Sample child theme which is free.

    Its a very basic starter theme you can add functions to from the StudioPress code snippets and style to your own liking.

    Many StudioPress community theme developers use this theme to built their own.

    Personally, i’ve found StudioPress child themes far easier to customize than any other themes.

    I did use Thesis and Woo on my site before.


    wp guy

    I agree. I set up themes for clients for a living but as we all know, most want modifications. I started with Elegant but quickly found that making style and layout changes was a challenge. StudioPress is by far not only superior to ET but easier to modify according to client specifications. StudioPress themes quickly literally “is” my career.

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