How to change the default meta wording "Filed Under"?

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    Could anyone help me to change the default post-meta wording “Filed Under” and “Tagged as” to custom text They are in the post-meta section for categories at the bottom of each individual post. In my case I would like to change them to “More in this Category” and “See more in”

    How do you find out which php is responsible for the function of displaying these default meta wordings? Is there a documentation/rules to help me identify things like this?

    Many thanks


    Add this to your Functions.php file:

    //* Customize the post meta function
    add_filter( 'genesis_post_meta', 'sp_post_meta_filter' );
    function sp_post_meta_filter($post_meta) {
    if ( !is_page() ) {
    	$post_meta = '[post_categories before="Filed Under: "] [post_tags before="Tagged: "]';
    	return $post_meta;

    Change the text in between the quotation marks.



    By the way I’m using Blognews child theme. I can’t find the wording “filed under” in any of the php files I can see.



    Thank you for the reply, but I haven’t make it work yet. I’m using Blognews child theme. Does that make any difference? I assume it wouldn’t but can you tell why it’s not working for my site?

    (I’ve pasted the code at the bottom of function.php, then changed the wording “filed under” into custom text, and updated the file., then refreshed the browser but the wordings are not changing).

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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