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    I have quite a few customization’s in AgentPress 1 child theme. I just downloaded the version 2 and am comparing as best I can against 1. What procedure do you recommend to ensure minimal rework when I go to version 2. I renamed and uploaded the version 2 theme so I could do a preview and obviously there are going to be some changes needed. The files in 1 are quite a bit different in many cases then 2. We use Diverse Solutions idx plugin as well but apparently that is now more integrated. Thanks in advance for any tips. I’m an IT guy but not a php or WordPress guy.

    Bill Murray

    The best way to do this depends on your setup.

    For minimal disruption to a live site, you need the ability to keep the existing site with AgentPress 1.0 and create a new development site with AgentPress 2.0. You’d suspend new content creation on the original site, block search engines (and possibly others) from the development site (if it’s not local), and duplicate the content there. Then, you’d adjust the development site to look the way you want it. It wouldn’t look exactly the same as the old site, otherwise it wouldn’t be new and take advantage of new features. That approach allows you to give the transfer process sufficient time to do it right, because the live site is still up and running.

    If you don’t have a development site and try to do this on a live site (which is not ideal), the best advice is to work quickly :)

    There’s no way to ensure “minimal rework” unless you’ve already created the current site in accordance with some best practices, such as…

    1) put custom code in plugins rather than modifying functions.php
    2) separate custom CSS from the theme’s CSS

    Those 2 steps make it much easier to switch from 1 theme to the next, or to upgrade from 1 child theme version to the next. If you haven’t done that already, all you can work toward is implementing those steps in the current update. That will make future changes easier, but it might actually make this one harder, because you’re building for the future.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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