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    Hi everyone, just wanted feedback on my site at

    I’ve built it on the Quattro theme.

    Do you all like it? Any suggestions for improvement?



    Your picture in the “About Me” section is very narrow.  It might just be my browser IE8.  I like the colors.  Very relaxing.  Your fonts are easy to read for size also.  At first I didn’t see any call to action, but then I noticed your newsletter sign up.  I happen to be interested in branding so I signed up.  I am interested to know how you do with traffic.  Is your niche market saturated with providers?  The mechanics of signing up and receiving the report went well.  I already downloaded to my phone.  Thanks.  Have a great day!



    Thanks for the feedback and for signing up. The site is doing quite well – gaining momentum quite steadily.  Yes there are a lot of providers in this niche market.


    de Paulus

    Your site was a nice, clean and un-cluttered feel to it. Easy to read and navigate. Unless you have changed your picture as mentioned above, I think it looks well proportioned.

    If I had to change something, I would switch the the FIRST Left hand widget, with the SECOND left hand widget. The reason why, is now when I land on your site, all I can see on the left is a long list of Cat. – However if you switched, I would instantly see BOTH widgets, the App widget and the Cat. list – Switching the widgets would show more Info on entering your site.. I know this is only the case with people using larger monitors ( like myself), but nowadays you have to think of everything..

    Very Nice and Clear site – Good Luck


    .:: the fall never hurts…. it’s the landing that does the damage ::.


    Elizabeth Crane

    I like your website. At first glance I think your header could be dressed up. Since the site is about branding I think your own branding should be prominent. There is so much information in the two sidebars. Make sure your most important widgets are towards the top. Nice job!


    Overall website is neat and easy to read. However, for proper branding you should get radical ‘out of the box’ custom design look.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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