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    Moving my site over to the Magazine Pro Theme and am having two problems. One, the size settings for simple social icons will not change no matter how I change the numbers, and the 100×100 size for the sidebar thumbnail in the featured posts icon produces a full sidebar width graphic. I’ve tried different locations, turned off caching, and reloaded plugins. Nothing seems to work.


    The photos in the sidebar are 150×150 instead of full width – is this what you were talking about? Could mean they adjusted over time, pointing to caching being the problem.

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    Both of these problems are strange. I turned caching off, tried them in multiple browsers, reloaded and updated WordPress, reloaded the theme and still the problems prevail. Now with WP 3.9 I can change the widgets in real time. The social widgets change on key except for sizing. The featured post works with 150 x 150 icons, but not 100 x 100. They show up but are full sidebar width.

    These aren’t bad enough for me to drop the template, but they are frustrating, especially when everything else works in real time using the new widget layout tool (Great feature WP!!).

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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