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    I’ve been canvassing images together for the 319 x 478 pixel images that are side by side (example: I’d love for them to still appear the way they do, but as individual images that can be pinned without the other (example: I tried this once using <div class=”one-half first”></div>
    <div class=”one-half”></div>
    I did that here: however I’m not happy with the way it looks because of the wonky spacing AND on one of the browsers (I think it’s Firebox) it shoves some of the images out of the content area so you just see a little strip of them in the side. Very weird.

    Does anyone know a way to do this?




    Couple of thoughts on this:

    1) If you want each individual image to be pinnable, you’re going to run into memory issues with people visiting your pages. My laptop’s fans kicked into overdrive with both your links open in Chrome. Each instance of Pinterest’s pin it code opens a connection to Pinterest & adds to the memory demands in people’s browsers. I would rethink things. Fewer images per page, something.

    2) I can’t right-click on anything in your content areas, it seems. It’s hard to diagnose things if I can’t right-click, then use my browser’s web-inspector to see what’s going on. I know the desire to keep images from being copied ( I have a photography background ) but disabling right-click does more than keep people from saving images. Besides, viewing source lets someone load each image individually, save them, etc.

    3) Have you thought about Jetpack’s Tiled Galleries option? I think it will do what you want with the images. As far as doing with a Pin-it on each one… that’s a different matter.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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