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    I had to increase the height in my header to accommodate a larger logo, but this has also had consequences with the main nav which sits in the header widget area.

    How can I increase the size of that widget area so that the a:hover instance goes all the way down to the secondary menu?

    Screen shot


    I’m running a modified version of Executive Pro

    Tony @ AlphaBlossom


    The height for this is controlled by the top and bottom padding, so you can change that around line 1270 of your theme’s style.css file:

    .site-header .genesis-nav-menu a {
        padding: 51px 18px 47px;
        padding: 5.1rem 1.8rem 4.7rem;

    You can change the 5.1/4.7 to whatever you’d like of course, and you might have to tweak for responsive, but that should get you going.

    Also, you’re .site-header .widget-area has a top margin of 1px, so there’s a slight gap above the menu when you mouse over the menu items. If you remove that and add 1px/.1rem to your padding above, it will fill the header space vertically with no gaps.

    Take care,



    Tony, thanks a million! Much appreciated!


    Tony @ AlphaBlossom

    great, glad I could help. Have a great weekend!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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