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    I think this happens every time I do a StudioPress site …

    Once I start changing font sizes and padding to make the nav bar and subnav the size, width, height I want, it messes up the alignment of the next level(s) of navigation. I’ve played around with the CSS and can’t get a grasp of how to easily control it. They’re all lined up out of the box so nicely and I can’t seem to get it back that way with the spacing I desire.

    Any tips?

    (hover over About Us > Resources)




    The third level menu items (ul elements) have a static margin assigned to them, so if the link element padding changes across the menu the third level menus will be off.

    I was able to mock changes in Chrome to get good results.

    /* style.css line ~504 */
    .menu-primary li ul ul,
    .menu-secondary li ul ul,
    #header .menu li ul ul {
    	margin: -45px 0 0 220px;

    This should hopefully take care of the issue or get you closer.



    Oh, thank you! I was focusing on the LI and not the UL and didn’t see that.

    Much appreciated!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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