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    Hi there,

    I have added some images in a thumbnail size on a web page underneath content. Our query is, when a user clicks on an image we like to lead the user to another web page that responds to that image. At the moment, when a user click on the image, it just shows the image in a bigger size in another page.

    Here is an excerpt from a page in the admin. Is it possible if a user clicks on the image with gallery ids 269 or 270 then the user will get into a web page of let say “wholesale nursery” page instead of the larger size of the image id 269 or 270.

    “….If you are a farmer or property owner looking to revegetate areas, a landscaper looking for cold climate natives or a project manager conducting environmental works then give our wholesale nursery a call.

    [gallery ids="269,270"]…”

    How can I do link the web page URL with the image?

    Thank you and regards,

    http://local environment

    Before you insert gallery, select “attachment page” option instead of default “none”. Now when user clicks on thumbnail photo, it will open dedicated webpage showing bigger version of that image.

    gallery options



    HI Davinder,

    Thank you for your recommendation. I am sorry that I may not explain my problem clear enough in my earlier post.

    If it is possible we like to use the similar concept of the feature page widget that once a user clicks on the image it goes to the webpage of that image links to. In this case, if a user clicks on the image that posted on the webpage, it should go to the webpage of that image links to ie wholesale or retail webpage or at least staying at the same webpage where that image posted. But not showing a bigger image.

    I was trying to use …. but obviously I fails.. :(



    By default if thumbnail image next to post excerpts is clicked, it will open that post with photo and not the original size of photo in attachment page. Are you trying to achieve something other than this?



    Hi Davinder,

    Thank you for the reply.

    In our case, we loaded thumbnail images on a Page with content. If a user clicks on the image loaded in that Page, another page showing that image with its title, that set out in the Medial Gallery, is shown. So it has drawn the user out from the Page that he/she was reading.

    At least, if it is possible, the user should stay at the Page where the image was clicked…be static or not moving to another page. I hope I clearly explain what we are trying to achieve.

    Thank you once again and Regards


    In that case, you can use lightbox functionality. When users clicks on thumbnail image, it opens in pop-up window while original post page is still there. This plugin should be good for this –

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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