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    Hi I would like to find out how to include the price of the property under the listing, so that it appears just below the address on the main page?

    Also, why is it that when i search a property under the ‘search’ function, the listing result has a comma sign ” ,”.  For example, select ‘1 bedroom” , you will see what i mean.

    my website is




    The comma below the listing is the separator for city/state or territory (i.e San Francisco, CA)  It looks like you aren’t filling out the complete address.

    As for adding the price below the listing, I don’t think that can be easily done and is above my pay grade to assist!  You could always input the price in the custom text field where you have Scotts Square in this one, then move Scotts Square to the city/state fields.  That would solve both the comma & pricing issue.





    Thanks for your reply.

    I think i have removed the city/state or territory field through the css. Do you know where I can remove the “comma” via the css?


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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