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    Hey Guys,

    Thanks so much for all the great feedback on this matter.

    @Bill Murray with regards to switching up my SEO plugin from AIOSEO to Yoast’s WordPress SEO. I’ve actually used Yoast’s WordPress SEO plugin on another one of my newer sites and I was very impressed with it’s functionality I guess, my biggest fear with regards to switching the plugin on the Heads Up Motorsports site is “What if something goes wrong?”. Even though the site is far from perfect it certainly does work for us and I’d hate to switch SEO plugins then things start to tank!

    Any thoughts or feedback on this?

    @RonnyMac thank you for your input on this matter and even with my little knowledge of SEO I know that your right but as Bill said we’re just a an Automotive Repair Shop in South Carolina with a specialty for working with BMW, VW and Audi’s. How can we hope to generate quality back links for our content? because as you can see our company “Blog” is really just an online diary for the work we do, and although this is wonderful for potential customers once they find our site to see what we actually do, how can we tailor our content to get other sites to show an interest?

    Thanks again guys.



    Bill Murray

    @Chris2Four – Don’t worry about rank. It will fluctuate like the weather. Just about everything in SEO is fixable. You may see a change in where you rank if you switch to WordPress SEO, but you won’t be easily able to pinpoint the causal factor that produced the change. If you properly configure WordPress SEO, you should be fine. Monitor things closely when you make the change (so do it at a time when you have the time to monitor) and if you aren’t sure of what a term or setting does, try Google searches and if nothing makes sense, ask.

    Don’t misinterpret my comments on link building. You can get links. It’s just harder for you because of the nature of your business. On page SEO (the stuff you can do on your own site) is easier, and I think it’s important to put your best foot forward when trying to get links, so I think you should do that first. But you can start developing a link building strategy by identifying places where you can get links. Not all will be of equal quality. Here are some suggestions:

    * car care forums – you specialize in BMW’s, Audi’s, and VW’s so find the relevant forums and provide helpful answers to questions; perhaps have a tips section on your site that is good link material when answering a question; explore having your home page links in your signature;
    * guest posts – how much extra performance can I get by replacing the chip in my M3? Write an article on some car blog and tell me;
    * are you certified? member of a chamber of commerce? authorized dealer/rep for any manufacturers? do they have directories? is your link in them?
    * are you charitable? how about offering a special deal to educators/students at a local university, or a program where you’ll give a coupon to any donor of your favorite charity (they give $50 to your favorite charity, get a service coupon of $50); how will they communicate the deal? a link…
    * are there other local busnesses that you respect and who respect your work? see if they’ll blog about how much they saved on their last VW tuneup…this also applies to customers who have personal blogs or use social networking (tweet about your positive service experience and $10 off your next appt)

    If you are creative and aggressive and committed to getting links, you’ll get them. Don’t expect to create great content and links to appear. That’s what I mean by my comments on linkbuilding being harder for you. You have to initiate. At the same time, put the web and organic search into the context of your total marketing effort. Do keyword research to find out the traffic of the terms you hope to rank highly for, and put a value on the possible increased traffic. Then compare the marketing costs to determine if that link building will be profitable for you.

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