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    Alright. Since there are only a handful of SP HTML 5 Pro themes, I am looking to buy more.

    1. Can I assume no one provides free Genesis child themes?

    2. Is there a list of Genesis Child Themes that will work with Gen 2? Would love to take a look. Really need a variety for Realtors.

    Thanks in advance!



    All of them will work with Genesis 2, but I’m guessing you mean ones that are HTML 5 ready? The only free ones I know about are Fremedy by Themedy and Simplicity by ZigZag Press, but I don’t think they have HTML5 versions. I think AyoShop is also free, but also not HTML 5.

    Themedy has upgraded a bunch of their themes to HTML 5: http://themedy.com/theme-type/genesis-2/

    Foxy News was recently upgraded to Gen 2/HTML 5, but they haven’t tagged it as such yet.

    I like the real estate themes at Agent Evolution, but there’s nothing on their site that indicates they’re HTML 5.

    Yes, I’ve been doing a little digging into available themes to add to my resource site, http://www.genesisthemesguide.com

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    Not sure if you are looking for another free theme, but I built one just recently. I also do my best to support it. You can download it on github: https://github.com/elioverbey/Engage – HTML5, responsive

    and demo the theme here: http://elioverbey.net/engage-theme/

    I hope this helps!

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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