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    For my site http://astro-chologist.com . I want to upgrade and update the look. Hasn’t been done in two years and I think it’s time.

    It’s an astrology site so there are articles. But it’s not a “news” site or magazine site per say. It mainly consists of articles. Some of the posts contain video. And then there is BBPress which I also have integrated into the site. I also have been collecting pictures of Astrology artifacts from around the world so I would like a page with a gallery . Gallery will likely end up being pretty large.

    Also custom header for my logo. I also have yoast SEO set up in a certain way and was wondering if that interferes with Genesis SEO, and if so how to maintain the SEO info from YOAST or if that’s even necessary.

    Any and all suggestions are welcome.



    SEO shouldn’t be a problem as its a plugin and Yoast himself runs Genesis.

    BBPress also works well with Genesis and powers this forum.

    I would take a look at the new Pro themes and find which which suits your needs.



    What / Where are the new “pro” themes?



    Ah I see, News Pro and etc.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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