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    I am looking for a plugin that will allow me to create a set of tabs at the top of pages on my site that connect to content that is unique to that page.

    An example can be found at this link:

    Unfortunately, this tab set up is causing problems with other areas of my pages and site. As you can see, the right sidebar is not displaying correctly. I am using the StudioPress “News” theme.

    Any and all suggestions would be greatly welcomed!

    Thank you!



    Hi Ted,

    Here is an excellent tutorial on using jQuery tabs (and they’re mobile responsive as well):

    Andrea Whitmer, Owner/Developer, Nuts and Bolts Media
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    Hi Andrea,

    I looked through the tutorial and it seems simple, but I want to try to have the tabs match my theme which is what I have been able to do with the edits I have made to the Tab Me plug-in. The problem is that now that the tabs set up where they should, the side bar and footer are messed up.

    Any suggestions for getting TAB ME to play nicely with the rest of my theme/site? I am so close with the cosmetics of the tab design with this plugin… :/


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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