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    This is my second post. Real quick before my post, I just wanted to say it is a bit of a bummer that a lot of the posts on the forums here end up leading to a private message that gets resolved rather than disclosing the information publicly for those of us who would rather problem solve our issues without having to ask for help in a post that refers to an issue already in the results. A lot of those results aren’t resolved or lead to a dead end because they transfer to private messaging. In no way am I upset. I’m only pointing it out because in almost every forum I belong to it is highly encouraged to keep as much public so readers can see the process of the resolution for ourselves. Just something to think about since I’m paying for the service access to these forums.

    I am using Metro. I started with the demo and worked backwards to get a feel. Then began customizing the design through CSS to get a different color scheme. After looking at the demo fonts in the feature post headings and h2 tags for all posts. I noticed the font in the demo is cleaner, bolder, not generic and stands out much differently than the h2 heading currently showing up in my site. I like the demo font better. I have tried everything to get the post headings in my site to look the same but nothing seems to work. Also there is weird inconstant hover instances over some but not all headline posts. I can’t pinpoint the pattern which is causing this.

    I’m curios first of all, which font family the demo Metro is using and why it isn’t the same in the Metro I purchased?

    Where in the CSS code I need to look for to find it and make it the same?

    Last, if I can’t make my Metro theme match the same font family, how does the @import function work with Google Fonts so I can pick a font family I like?

    I have read other posts that refer to the @import process and Google Fonts. The part that is confusing me is that there are two ways to edit the font family from what I’ve read. One being in the php.function file and the other @import. Of course @import is the way I’d like to go but I’ve also read it must be one option or the other but that the php.function code is the default. If this the case, how do I override it so I can use the CSS @import function properly?

    Best regards and thanks for the support

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    Metro is using “‘Helvetica Neue’, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif” font family in the demo. It should be the same as the purchased metro.

    I am also using Metro and you can check at my site, I am not seeing any difference between the demo and my site (except font size which I adjusted on my site.)

    Currently it is inheriting it from the body tag, you can add a font-family attribute in H2 tag to overwrite it.

    Make sure you are able to load the Google Font correctly. I will check on the @import (never looked on to that side..)

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    • This reply was modified 2 years, 1 month ago by  sanjeev.
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