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    How can I control the background image re-sizing in Minimum Pro on G2.x ?

    I have a site I’m working on for a photographer / well proof of concept. He really likes Minimum Pro, but the image re-sizing could be a real killer.

    For example, on iPad portrait or iPhone landscape this image is sized very badly and results in the subjects be cut-off.

    Is there a way to have better control or even force no sizing but still remain responsive?

    iPad portrait results in just the top of the image and stopping just above their heads.
    iPhone landscape results in the bottom of the image and only showing reflections.

    Obviously for a photographer this would be killer.




    You could try using the backstrech plugin



    I believe it is already built in? But is there any more granular or fine control of it possible?

    The problem seems to be Minimum’s ‘scrolling window’ effect, and where it decides to center vertically. The image itself re-sizes well.

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    I’d like to know the answer to this also. Current behavior of the image makes it unusable for me. It’s certainly possible to have “static” images that are responsive. Done all the time. This is a bit more like a home-page-image-on-LSD where the image seems to center and crop in weird sorts of ways. Granted this all works fine for some images that are more “moody” and vague in nature, but for folks who want to use a precise full image this is a problem setup. I’d love to learn how to get away from this default behavior and back to a regular responsive image effect.



    Indeed, it is def behaving in an odd way. I notice on certain size windows the header area stays at the top and the tag line area / rest of page scrolls up to meet it and then disappears under it as you scroll page down. This happens at 1024×768 resolution browser full screen. This would seem the intended behavior.

    Slightly size the browser down and suddenly the top header does not stay put the whole page slides over the image starting with header and disappears under browser menu bar. A page refresh may be required after browser re-size to see it.

    Depending on window size, the view port for the image centers very strange vertically i.e. as I described in op on iDevices.

    I can probably capture vid if it helps, but the bottom line is this makes the theme too unpredictable to use.

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    I recently heard from official support that the developers are working on this issue now. I don’t know what this specifically means, or when an update will be ready. But it seems enough folks have complained and some adjustments or additional options are being built in.



    I can confirm that a solution is in the works.


    Bill Murray

    @coralseait – What you’re seeing on screen widths less than 1024px is the actual impact of the theme’s CSS. See lines 1673-1675 of the child theme’s stylesheet.

    At screen widths of 600px or less, a mobile menu kicks in, which changes the header again. Thus, there is this spot of screen widths between 1023px and 601px where the menu is not fixed but also not the mobile version.

    Whether that’s by design or not, I can’t say.

    You might want to raise this in a support ticket to see if that’s the intended behavior and post back with what you learn. It’s easy enough to change in CSS either way.

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    Andrea Rennick

    The image issue for the background is working as intended in the design. It is not a featured static image.

    The design is a background image with a parallax effect.

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    @Andrea: Yes, I think we understand it’s the intended effect. Unfortunately, as they say, the road to hell is paved with good intentions!

    The background image with parallax effect (I assume we’re talking about the default home page image) simply doesn’t work well in many circumstances. Let me describe one: I use a photo with a group of people. This “intended behavior” ends up in many cases with a banner image that clearly focuses on the womens’ breasts, not the whole image. As you can see this might be great for a porn site, but certainly terrible for most sites.

    I can certainly see how it would be useful to have the parallax effect for some folks. But what would be much better is to redesign things so one had the option of parallax or static. I believe the developers are curently working on such a upgrade.

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    Thank you all very much for your comments. It sounds like a solution is in the works.

    in the meantime does anyone think a CSS trick or two could patch the issue until an official solution is available?



    An update, I notice below 1024 the top cropping (or parallax centering if you will) becomes worse if menu items overflow to a second line.




    I’ll add my voice to this request:

    Yes yes! Please DO offer the “non-parallax” option for the background on this theme. Love the theme, but as others are saying, the background doesn’t work well at all with many kinds of images.

    I do understand about the “parallax” thing. Just saying the option to NOT have it be that way would be awesome! :)



    Hello Minimum Fans!

    Yes, the way the theme “mangled” his photo was the only complaint my client had.

    So until the fix comes down, it has to be exactly the dimensions of the original photo? 1600 width x 1050 height, 96 dpi

    Will this change after the fix? I was thinking of preparing a selection for my client but if this will change, I won’t. (Let me know here if you want me to post the rejects.)

    If the client wants a photo of the same width but much shorter height, to avoid all the scrolling, is that going to be okay after the fix?

    By the way, I definitely recommend images that look good no matter how they are sliced in the horizontal band. Nature scenes work best, landscapes, cityscapes. Something with depth, bookshelves work less well. People, not so much. I think that’s fair. All parallax images are that way.

    — SCOE



    I just purchased this theme and the backstretch was driving me crazy… happy scoe provided this fix.

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