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    Looking for a genesis theme that has a fast loading standard type website with menu bars at the top, lots of pages rather than posts, nice information box to fill out so that they can receive a call back in 30 minutes or at a specified time etc, that when viewed on a mobile phone shows a large call button on a clean background so that the customer can easily call you from the mobile with out difficulty

    You can try new parallax theme. If have specific layout in mind, then get custom theme design from a professional – email at iguiding AT gmail DOT com



    Hi swarmcatcher,

    You could really use any mobile responsive genesis child theme for this.

    Just place a custom link in the main navigation which is a “Call Now” button – styled as a button so looks different to the rest of the navigation – and place this as the first link in the menu.

    This way whenever someone views the site from a mobile – they see your logo – and then a big button saying “Call Now” – if they click that button from a phone it automatically calls the number you specify.

    I’m just across the bridge in Bristol, practically neighbours!



    Sorry Danny – meant to get back to you on Sunday, thanks – one question is that callback button there if its a pc as well as a mobile.
    Had been wondering if i could create separate mobile & tablet home pages, with a very short menu (3 options which would then lead out to pages suitable for mobiles and tablets) .

    Will probably close this thread & reopen another with a more specific question on these lines

    here it is

    Thanks Ian

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