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    I am trying to make a decision about what route to go with my web design. I used to do html coding (for fun) to build a website(s) back about 15 years ago but haven’t touched it since. (Oh no!) My wife and I own a coffee roasting company and are tight on funds so I am going to try to renew some skills from years gone by.

    I want a simple, clean website (with a slick widescreen slider) – a definite requirement is mobile responsive. We want to be able to blog easily as we are involved in missions with our coffee sources and want to share what we do. Also important is a portfolio to share pictures. I don’t have e-commerce for my customers right now and want to integrate that. My requirements are: mobile responsive, portfolio, blog, e-commerce (woocommerce?) with a very simple clean interface.

    I really, really like the Minimum theme but Agency has everything I want/need except the mobile responsive. I have to have the mobile ability. I looked at some Agency themes on mobile devices and the store doesn’t really do well on the mobile devices. So my question for the knowledge base out there is it unreasonable a feat to add / buildĀ  a portfolio feature and woocommerce into the Minimum theme that really works well on mobile devices?

    I have read more about website development recently since in years….use it or lose it but “it’s all coming back to me now”.





    So I just found the Portfolio template on the Minimum template. Now all I need to know is about woocommerce. I am not sold on woocommerce but seems like a great option. Can someone tell me if woo can be added to the Minimum theme without a huge issue?


    Tony @ AlphaBlossom

    I’m sorry I can’t help much specifically with the minimum template, but I can say that I’ve used Woocommerce on many Genesis sites (with various Studiopress child themes and custom child themes) and it has worked great. I haven’t had many issues with integrating, and the few that I’ve had have been easily fixed with some minor css tweaks.

    It’s not perfect, but I think it’s the best ecommerce wordpress solution out there, and it’s getting better all the time.

    Hopefully someone else can confirm how it’s worked with the minimum theme, but I can’t imagine there would be any issues.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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