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    Hi there,

    I am wondering how to add a “view full site” link on my mobile page.

    I like how my site automatically converts to be mobile friendly, but I do not see a link that would allow me to access the full site from my phone.

    My website is

    Keep in mind when you respond that I have been using WordPress for two days and do not understand code (got lucky with my footer).

    Thanks in advance!


    Your full site is there on your phone, and you can see it. It just runs down the page on your phone, instead of in rows across the page.
    The Modern Blogger Pro theme (and most of the most popular Genesis themes) are responsive which means that the content is always there, but it moves into a different position on different devices. Think of water filling wide container vs. a tall, narrow container. That’s what your website does; it flows into the smaller container of your phone, so you scroll to see it all.



    Hi there,

    Thanks for that information. It makes complete sense.

    Do you know where suggestions for theme updates can be made?

    I like the mobile responsiveness, but I do not always like looking at the site in a stacked sort of way and would love to view it in its original form and scroll to see it all as would be regularly laid out on a laptop/desktop


    Andrea Rennick

    Do you know where suggestions for theme updates can be made?

    File a ticket to the help desk. :)

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    If you need technical support for your theme please file a ticket.

    The forums are community based. Staff only monitors the forum for issues relating to the forum itself and to redirect users to where they need to go.




    Parveen: You can also buy the original Modern Blogger Theme (which is not mobile responsive) here:

    ~ Susan
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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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