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    Thanks to some excellent advice from BradDalton I have resolved a good number of problems in setting up my wife’s travel blog ( and with some trial and error have resolved a whole bunch more minor irritations but I still have a couple of things that whatever I do I can not get the right results.

    The front page is a blog format and each post is truncated at a certain number of words and is followed by […] but there is no link there I want to add something like […and now for the rest of the story] and have it linking to the full article. I have tried unsuccessfully to paste some code into the function.php and searched both function.php and style.css to try and find where the […] is coming from – to no avail. Would anybody have some pointers as to how to resolve this, please.

    Similarly, I want to add something before the blog comment area – firstly changing the title from “Leave a Reply” to something more appropriate and secondly to add some blurb before the comment box just saying that “everyone is responsible for their own words” etc. Again I have tried various code snippets that I have found but nothing I try seems to work.

    I am sure there are some relatively simple solutions to these problems but I am still very much a neophyte in terms of developing websites and even making simple adjustment to code.

    Thanking you in anticipation for any help you might be able to share with me.


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    • This topic was modified 1 year, 10 months ago by  kichigai.


    1. You can change the Genesis > Content Archives from Excerpts to Limit and then modify the link using PHP

    2. You will need to filter the comment form defaults

    There’s links at the end of the post also.

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