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    Hey Guys,

    If I am building an SEO Satellite Site, where design is less important than straight SEO, which theme would you recommend?

    In other words, which Studio Press theme is the MOST SEO Friendly?



    SEO aspect is not calculated by looks of the site. Since all Genesis child theme use same base Genesis Framework theme, the SEO setup is same. However, you can enhance “on-site SEO” optimization by using additional plugins like SEO by Yoast.

    Out of box, basic SEO settings are present. It all depends on how you use it by specifying relevant meta title, meta description, keywords for specific post content on your website.



    Some themes are designed in a way that reduces the need to configure the theme for maximum SEO.


    One needs to take care of few basic things on how content is laid out on webpages like title, description and how contents link to each other. That forms the part of on-site SEO setup. Even if theme does not have in-built SEO features, you can always install plugins like SEO by Yoast for instant access to those features.

    Can you provide examples of themes that claim to have maximum seo? As such, SEO is more related to actual website content and its presentation rather than how its looks (which is solely guided by theme design).



    You might find this interesting reading: Brad Dalton’s take on Yoast, and his recent migration away from it. [Brad Dalton Yoast settings part 1] [Brad Dalton Yoast settings part 2] [Brad Dalton’s switch away from Yoast to Genesis SEO]



    Links to very good articles. Brad is highly regarded and knows his stuff. Who else is or has ditched Yaost and just ran with Genesis SEO? Looking to roll out a sit and would love any and all feedback on this matter.

    Have Yoast installed, not sure I want to continue using it but sitting on the fence. Anyone?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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