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    This is my first site since moving to Genesis from Thesis. it is based on the sample theme.

    Thanks Studio Press for the framework and the forum community for advice and tips, whether direct or just being found in relevant posts.

    Special shout outs to John @bhwebworks for the responsive header image method, Brad Potter,, for the responsive menu, and Brad @braddalton for lots of useful posts here in the forum.


    Looks good! Just out of curiosity, how did you find the Genesis experience versus Thesis so far? (People always wonder so I thought I’d go ahead and ask.)

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    There are lots of things that come easy with Thesis, almost like having all your favorite Genesis specific plugins in one Dashboard. I always appreciated that, but then almost everything has to be done via the dashboard. Thesis takes over in that regard. Thesis 2.X even more so than 1.X.

    What I like about Genesis is being able to access all the files in the framework, easily creating specific page templates, etc, and as I port some existing site over I believe I will be able to be less reliant on 3rd party plugins.

    Kind of a brief reply for a large topic. The take-away is I feel I have more flexibility with Genesis. Genesis seems to speak the same language as WordPress. Thesis requires learning a Thesis a specific language. “Language” here meaning “how things work.”

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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