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    Hi Everyone,
    I hope the community can give a feedback about my WordPress website using Eleven40 theme.
    The reason I like this theme because the wide layout and clean look.

    Seriously I bit fanatic about site and loading speed due lots of images.

    Thank you in advance.


    Looks good; loads quickly for me on Chrome. Nice job.

    Susan @ One Happy Studio I offer theme customizations I tweet!
    I’ve taken up the challenge! – help me answer some of the unanswered posts



    Wow, one of the fastest loading sites that I’ve seen. Especially with the number of graphics a few pages have. You should start a thread and describe the steps you took to get it that fast. I would definitely like to know.

    Just a small point, when your site page is resized down a bit, the last two menu items (Travel Tips and Contact Me) are white text that wraps onto a white background. Other than that it all looks great!

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    @susan and @kayache thank you for your comments.

    Yes, the sites loading pretty fast but I believe this site can do better. I have few issue with First Bytes Time and need some one guide me a proper way to Remove query strings from static resources from Eleven40 theme. I am using Maxcdn setting done by my hosting company. Not using any cache plugin, my hosting not allowed it.

    The data center of hosting located in UK, but the Domain located in Kuala Lumpur. Is this one of the factor cause First Bytes Time slow? Average my First Bytes Times is 800 to 1026ms. That is too slow for me.

    Surprising the few Eleven40 theme images need to optimized suggested by Google Speed Test.

    Hope the member of this forum can share their knowledge with me.

    Thank you in advance




    My own site is still in design stages but I have a couple of points to make.

    Firstly, your pictures.
    Try and have a consistent border around all your pics.
    Some have a border and some not.

    Also, when I load you page everything is too far to the left; there is no border visable like the right side.
    You need to add padding to the left side so it all looks consistant.

    Nice site though!



    Wow, I like it!

    You need to refine this headline especially for Americans like me ~ I had to read into your blog to understand your wealth of knowledge, experience, and uniqueness. Here are my thoughts…
    Replace this:
    Kuala Lumpur Private Tours Guide Specialist
    The most flexible and convenient way to do the tours.
    Privacy, Quality, Customize, Efficient and Productive
    Experience the Real Malaysian Hospitality

    And simplify the headline to something like:
    Kuala Lumpur Private Tour Guide
    Exclusive | Specialist | Private | Customizable
    A real Malaysian hospitality experience with Anrsml

    Also, amazing photography and unique stories will get travelers to sign up with you ahead of time.

    Again, looks good,



    Wow, Impressive speed really. Very Nice Site.

    However, I have a few suggestions to make:

    1. The fonts in Sidebar look elegant than in the left side. Consider using different fonts, especially those that don’t pixelate.
    2. The columns in the left side don’t align (vertically).
    3. Trim your page names in the nav menu, so that the Contact comes up. Else one full line is wasted, and it looks odd.
    4. Shorten the “Why I need private …” in the footer so that it looks consistent with other text.

    Hope I have not offended you.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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