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    Hello, regarding the font selections in the various areas onĀ (1.9 release) — they’re gorgeous. I’m currently using AgentPress 2, which has different fonts, but where can I find out which fonts I’m looking at on the above site (and in which areas), so that I can then try incorporating them into my own site? Are they proprietary or hidden? I don’t see them in the code, but I love the look and would like to start experimenting.



    Bill Murray

    To grab this info, use a tool like Firebug.

    The headlines are the Google webfont Lato. The body font is Helvetica Neue.

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    Thanks. I see it now in Firebug in the “Computed” box on the right in “font-family”. But shouldn’t I also see it in the “Style” box, i.e. in the CSS? I don’t see where those fonts are being called. I really want to understand from the inside out how the fonts are implemented.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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