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    Hello all,

    I finally redesigned my blog to a Genesis framework theme. I had previously used an ElegantThemes theme (Aggregate) but found the CSS very clunky and hard to make minor changes to. Since I’ve been learning simple CSS tweaks as I go, it was nearly impossible for me to change stuff without having to search their Support forums for copy/paste solutions. I’ve found the Genesis CSS so clean and organized, it makes my trial & error learning so much easier!

    My blog is a magazine style which focuses on reviews, how-to’s, and articles centered around “guy stuff”. Think ArtofManliness, but more personal, practical, and in-depth. Thusly, I’ve been really trying to create a modern, yet masculine feel. I’ve been messing around with different typography, colors, backgrounds etc. None of it’s really nailed in, but I’d like some criticisms on how it is so far. And any suggestions for minor tweaks, like layout, spacing, borders, etc.

    Thanks so much! And for all the help I’ve gleaned off these forums!

    A modern day manual for a modern day man.


    You did a great job. Just a few suggestions. The first would be to make all of your slider images the same size. The slider is a bit jumpy because there’s one image not as large as the others. You could the use “Regenerate Thumbnails” plugin to regenerate the thumbnails to see if it will fix that. The other thing you could do is add a new widget area above the content area and sidebar so your banner image will show properly. You can do this by following these instructions.



    Thanks for the advice Anitac, especially for the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin. I ran that and it fixed all my thumbnails, so easy! I actually went and just created a header image rather than using the Magazine generated text. I still need to figure out how to match the header background pattern to the header image background, or find a suitable contrast pattern.


    A modern day manual for a modern day man.


    Marc Tibesar

    In regards to the header here are some thoughts:

    I would make the description “A modern day manual for a modern day man” the same width as the title ‘Manual Of Man’ (probably by using a smaller font size).

    I would use the same font for the primary navigation menu as the secondary navigation menu

    I would attempt to consolidate the navigation menus into one menu (one primary navigation menu only) in order to simplify the look of the header and to simplify the navigation

    The Home link should perhaps be on the farthest left

    Need more vertical spacing between the Title and the Description

    Maybe the menu item ‘Project: Honda CB450′ could be shortened to just ‘Projects’

    The menu item ‘Everything’ is too abstract?

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