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    Hello all, I’ve been using WordPress for around 4 years now. I’ve been tempted to try out Genesis because of it’s reputation. I finally decided to use it on a hobby blog before I consider if for my business blog. I just bought and installed the Genesis framework and the new Solo theme from Zigzagpress. Overall quite happy with how it’s going, but I have one issue I can’t figure out.

    Featured Images.

    I did read the content archive section of the Genesis PDF, but it still doesn’t make sense to me. Or at least I hope it doesn’t make sense because if the featured image settings are as limiting as it seems, it might be a deal breaker for me. I’m a photographer. Images are important to me and I don’t want them to be cropped.

    This is what I want to happen:

    I want to have a featured image that shows up on the blog posts list (when you click on Blog in the menu.)
    I wish that my featured image would not be cropped – but I might be able to live with that if:
    I don’t want the first image in my post to be cropped (as it’s doing now if I use the feature image feature.)
    I don’t want the featured image to show up in my post if it’s going to be cropped!

    So, Most important:

    Can I use a featured image, but not on my actual post?

    Can I have the Featured Image not be cropped?

    In my current business theme with another company, if I set the featured image it shows up in the content archive with the cropped feature image – but it does not show up on my blog post.

    Does that make sense?



    Which theme are you using? Please share a link to your site.



    Nick:  She’s using the Solo theme from Zigzag Press

    Inicole:  I had a similar issue with the Minimum theme.  The fix was to remove some code in the functions.php file regarding the featured image.  It worked, too.  Except that it also removed the image on my home page.  I still have to go back and tweak it to do what I wanted and not kill my banner image.



    This is a hobby blog that I’m just getting up and going again. It was hacked last year, which is one reason I wanted to try out Genesis.

    Blue Weimaraner Today

    I’ve seen themes from other frameworks that do what I want: Have the featured image show up uncropped in the blog post list page. (Not sure what to call this! Perhaps Content archive is the correct name.

    I’m hoping that this can be tweaked in Genesis. Heck, I’m willing to pay for the tweak if it’s not something that’s going to be a royal pain every time the framework gets updated.

    I have my eye on Megalithe for my business blog, but not if I can’t have more control over featured images.



    I missed the theme statement in the OP. I’ve not seen the code for Solo so you may want to contact the developer for specifics.

    The featured image in Genesis calls the first attached image if a specific featured image is not set. The images must be uploaded by WordPress for this to work. It uses WordPress image functionality via the add_image_size() function in the functions.php file. This function allows you to define custom image sizes. These image sizes may be set to hard crop or not

    With hard crop on the images are cropped to the exact size. With hard crop off the images are shrunk to not exceed either of the dimensions set but not cropped, so they retain aspect ratio.

    Images are not added automatically to the post unless the child theme enables this via code. This is typically in the functions.php.

    I hope this information has been helpful to understanding how the images work and how you might customize it. For theme specific details contact the developer. Thanks



    Thank you, NickTheGeek

    My problem is that if I turn off the “include featured image” Nothing shows up on the home page post carousel and if I turn it on, I gets put into post and I have no choice but to put a cropped image.

    I’ll contact the developer. I thought I’d ask here first since the featured image setting was under the Genesis tab. Perhaps it’s just a matter of getting a coder to make some manipulations for me to get it the way I want. I’m quite liking the theme beyond figuring this out.

    (my only other complaint with the theme is that the logo area is way too small – but again, that can probably be taken care of with a simple code adjustment.)



    Inicole, review this. I think this is what you are looking for –



    Thank you! I’ll have to try this. Sounds like there are work-arounds to the basic settings with a bit of code tweaking.

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