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    I’ve had some WordPress files compromised with 2 of my sites and need to figure out what steps to take. My initial reaction is to backup and totally wipe out everything on my host servers and start over with new fresh WP installations, then import my content.

    I use Backup Buddy and have full backups, but I don’t want to just migrate or do a full backup and reinstall all of the old stuff. I want new WP files as those are the ones that were accessed.

    Both sites are old WP basic themes so I’m going to start over with Genesis and new themes. I have my database, the WP exported content (pages, posts, comments, etc.), and the uploads folder. Is this all I need. What am I missing? I know how to migrate a full site, but just not sure how to startover with a fresh WP install.



    If you have been compromised – reinstalling all the old stuff could re-infect what you have there. You should probably run something like Sucuri to clean up what you have before you do anything.



    Have you tried contacting your hosts and asking them to get rid of the offending spam?

    Hostgator will do this



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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