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    Since feedburner API is going away, do you think Google will stop Feedburner in future?

    What are alternatives to feedburner? How easy is it to get an internal wordpress feed setup and up and running?




    You have a feed built in already. Just add /feed to the end of your domain and you will see the feed.



    I ended up here after searching “feedburner” – It does seem Feedburner hasn’t been updated in ages. Any thoughts on whether it’s worth to continue using them, or go solo?



    Actually, the Feedburner API was shut down back in June or July of last year, which was sort of the green flag dropping for them to shut down the service entirely. All plugins or add-ons that used their API just stopped working back then. With Google’s recent announcement that they’re killing off Reader, my guess is that Feedburner may well be gone by the end of the year because of how people using Reader are likely subscribed to Feedburner feeds. And Feedburner metrics and statistics on subscribers (and downloads for audio/video podcasts) has been sketchy at best the past several years, another not good sign.

    If you don’t need or want stats on subscribers to your feed, just use what WordPress gives you.  If you have a mailing list or you want to track subscribers to your blog’s feed, I can recommend FeedBlitz for anything EXCEPT podcasts… they’re are clueless to a fault about podcast tracking and stats, and their latest “improvements” to make themselves more attractive to the people abandoning Feedburner for podcasts was a bonehead manuever of colossal proportions (and their tech support hasn’t responded to me in 2 weeks about it), so I’m in the process of moving all our show feeds to Podtrac (which I regret not having done in the first place 6 months ago)

    So unless you really want stats, and want to figure out the many hoops you need to jump through to get feed stats into Google Analytics (they claim it works, but I’m skeptical), you may well be better off going with your naked site feed.

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    You could use the native feed for RSS and Jetpack subscriptions for email.



    Thanks everyone.

    Based on you guys’ input and some research, native feed seems to be a better option.

    If I understand native feeds, using native feed I won’t be able to know the stats/subscriber for native feed? Is that correct? I also have a food photography podcast from the same site, can I use two feeds from native site RSS?


    Please advice.



    3 popular plugins for tracking the native feed stats. Jeff Starr

    You can access a feed for all categories and tags.



    You may want to tag your podcasts and offer a link to that archive for your feed.



    @braddalton – That was awesome info. I didn’t know you can tap into a feed out of any category. That’s great because I’ve been considering building a separate list out of a very specific custom post type. THANKS!

    Anyway, I’m going to be using the native feed to feed email mailing list. I’m going to move away from RSS readers altogether. If someone wants to use RSS for Apple Mail or something like that, they probably know how to do it themselves. I’m just going to funnel everyone to signup via email.

    I’ve been using AWeber for email campaigns, but I’m a little disappointed with their interface, and hugely disappointed with the blog broadcast feature. I’m tired of paying them and now that I see how crappy their blog broadcast interface is, I’m even more tired. For that reason, I’m going to migrate everyone to Mailchimp and use them for both email campaigns and RSS to email blog updates…

    Again, thanks.



    This is great information.

    @eluviis I am using aweber the same way to distribute the “RSS”.

    @braddalton I am really tired of feedburner and can’t figure out how to fix my RSS. So I am seriously thinking about how to get started with native RSS. Do you have any suggestions/pointers where I can find information on how to get started on this?

    Also, do you guys have any suggestions on how to not lose subscribers as part of transition from Feedburner to native RSS.

    Any help will be really appreciated.



    ^^^ You will lose subscribers no matter what. But you could write a blog post asking your RSS subscribers to subscribe by email.

    I tried setting up Aweber to distribute RSS. But 1. Their templates suck and look awful – specially their blog broadcast ones. 2. I went ahead to attempt and modify their best looking template to look better (pure type, I think). The big problem came when I found out they don’t have a “save draft” feature. Saving at any points assumes you are done and basically creates a crapload of blog-broadcasts waiting in the queue for you to send. How STUPID is that?

    I even emailed them about it and they admitted to only have a “save draft” for regular campaigns and not for blog broadcasts.

    So, I proceeded to erase all those incomplete blog broadcasts, one by one mind you because they don’t have a bulk delete feature. Then, I started all over again realizing I couldn’t save until I was done. But that also meant I couldn’t easily test. Next thing you know, their interface freezes and I lose my work.

    So, patiently, I started all over again. Again, it froze and I lost my work. 5 hours had past, it was midnight and my entire night was a wash. I wanted to ram the computer through the wall. So, I decided SCREW AWEBER, and I’m now in the process of migrating to Mailchimp.




    Start using your native RSS feed and stop using your FeedBurner feed. At some stage they will have to offer a migration solution if they close it down.

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