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    Diversified Woman

    Maybe these are quick fixes, unfortunately I have tried everything I can think of so far and yet it doesn’t appear to fix the issues below so hoping someone can let me know what code, setting or modifications need to be done. Just getting a bit frustrated at this point.
    I’ve installed the “Glitter and Lace Theme” and the link to the demo can be found here.  
     #1. I also installed the simple social media icons plugin but in moving that into the header widget area it’s not displaying where it should be and while the background color of the social buttons appears, as well as the hover color which I set, the text that displays on these buttons does not. It is appearing in the background color the same as the button. So its like a blank button. For the life of me I cannot seem to find the area I need to insert the “text color” that should be seen on those buttons but is not. I get the same result when I try to place the simple social icons in the primary sidebar area but really do not want it located there. 
    There is also suppose to be a gold sparkly background image (like that appearing at the bottom) which is suppose to be displaying behind that “Simple Social Icons Set” but it’s not doing that either. I really DID want to have this there just as it appears in the “Glitter and Lace” demo above.  
    2. I also notice the hover color I’ve chosen for the title that appears above any post is not showing in the blue color when I try to do the mouseover and I have it set to #668099 (blue). The links actually should ALL display in gold #9e7700 but the hover color should be #668099 blue. There is no hover effect there. I see nowhere in my CSS why it should not reflect otherwise but maybe I am missing something?  
    Secondly all of the hyperlinks that display in my posts should appear in gold #9e7700 but they are instead appearing in #668099 blue. They blue would only be for the hover effect for these links.
    #3. In the primary sidebar I also wish to place a couple banner ads which are 300W x 250L. However when I tried to add one it does not seem to fit without distortion. It extends out on the right hand side and when I tried to widen the sidebar pixel-wise it, it then pushed the sidebar area headings in general, all the way down to the bottom of the page. How do I adjust this in the theme so that everything will fit? 
    #4. In addition, is there a way to allow more room for our logo banner appearing at the top of the page to extend further out than 960 pixels across? It appears to be the default in WP. We did try and make one which extended to 1020 pixels across however when we uploaded it the WP system it wanted to crop it on the right hand side to make it 960 again. Otherwise if we use one at 960 (which is what you will see now), you see that grayish blue background to the right of it.

    I am running the most recent version of WP 3.5. Thanks again for your help!


    Bill Murray

    Color me confused. Is the URL link the demo you are trying to match or the site you are trying to fix? I am guessing the latter.

    1. Do you mean the Simple Social Icons plugin? The plugin doesn’t display text, only icons. In the widget itself, you enter the URL’s for the various social services you want to support. I don’t see any gold sparkly background anywhere. Perhaps you’ve changed things around since your post.

    2. I’m not 100% clear on what you’re asking, but this may help: if your child theme supports multiple color styles and you are loading the “blue” style, you have to be sure to make CSS changes for the relevant selectors in the “blue” style sheet. Otherwise, they’ll never get loaded.

    3. In your 2 column theme setup, your content area is set at 70% of the available width (near line 577 of your child theme stylesheet) and your sidebar is set at 290px. If you widen the sidebar, you have to shrink your content width. When your sidebar appears below your content, that’s a good hint that the sum of those 2 widths is wider than the available space.

    4. On a quick look, it appears your header is 1020px so you might have sorted this out already. If that’s not the case, post back.

    Your WP version isn’t very relevant for the issues you’re raising, all of which are CSS issues, which almost always involve just your child theme and not even the Genesis framework. That’s a good thing, since CSS issues are pretty easy to solve.

    Hope that helps.

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    Diversified Woman

    Sorry for the confusion. The link above is not to our own website but rather to  the DEMO page for the Community Theme we purchased.  I will send you a private link to view so you can perhaps weigh in on the other issues.  

    The gold sparkly background is actually an image that displays behind the social icon set for this theme. Mine is not doing that period. The DEMO shows in silver but the other option was gold in which we did choose, but again it’s not appearing…oddly enough?

    Scratching my head on this one.



    Diversified Woman
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    Bill Murray

    FYI, private replies are private to moderators, of which I am not one, so I can’t comment on any site link in the private reply.

    On the sparkly background behind the social icons, I do see a background, but I wouldn’t call it gold or sparkly. It is a background using this file images/nav-flag-silver.png from your child theme’s images folder. On further investigation it seems that all of the styles for all of the colors are in 1 stylesheet, and they are selected by applying a color class. For the icons to display a background, they need to have a class of “icons” to display that background and the image has to be located in the right location, so if your icons don’t have that class or the location is wrong, you won’t see a background. To sort this out, choose the same color scheme shown in the demo, and use a tool like Firebug to confirm that your icons have a class of “icons” and that the image is located in the right place on your server.

    Without a link to a reachable site, those are just guesses, so hopefully they’re of some help.

    Web: or Twitter: @wpperform

    We do managed WordPress hosting.




    I am having similar problems. Issue #1 to be specific. So on my website, instead of the white text which shows the actual type of social icon, e.g  f(facebook), p(pinterest), the entire icon only shows the purple background colour and people cant see what specific social icon they are clicking on as seen here in the demo So on my site, the P, F,  twitter bird, rss sign, in linkedin sign doesn’t show in white. Only the background of puple shows.

    Please help! Thanks


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