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    I’m new to Genesis and have just been asked to do a new site (probably followed by many more) for a client that will be selling a large variety of products. I’ve set up many shopping carts, but not with the quantity he will have. I also know that I’m not “in love” with any of the carts I’ve tried – They all have their irritating issues.  Now that I’m working in in a new environment, I’d like to know what you veterans would suggest – and the approximate cost involved.  Thanks!


    Jen Baumann

    I recommend WooCommerce with Genesis Connect WooCommerce.  Both of those are free. However, WooCommerce extensions are available for a fee to add additional functionality to the cart. They vary in price, but there is a pretty extensive collection of them at this point. There are also third-party extensions available at CodeCanyon and other sites.



    Thanks Jen!  I will definitely look into this one.


    David Decker

    I can only emphasize what Jen said! Currently, I see no better option for WordPress + Shopping than the whole WooCommerce ecosystem.



    How does Woocommerce by Woothemes compare to Premise?

    We are not familiar as we are not currently selling anything right now but purchased Premise and put it on the shelf for some future project based purely on Brian’s recommendations.

    The Premise example sites are kitschy in our opinion but we still went ahead and purchased it.

    Or are these two different types of animals?

    Is there an independent comparison and review of the two?

    Do either support 2 Checkout?

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    They are different types of animals. Premise isn’t really geared towards a shopping site selling products per se but is more of a membership/squeeze page application.

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    Posh John

    At the moment i would go with WooCommerce – i have been happy with this solution so far (although the recent jump in extension pricing is making me a bit jittery)

    One to watch imho would be Marketpress from the wpmudev guys – if this evolves it may be a serious contender…

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    Hello everyone! I love this WooCommerce suggestion. Does anyone have some shopping cart pages they’ve designed for small clients that they could share? I’d love to see some samples done with the WooCommerce plug in.




    @smactastic – I’m a fan of Pretty Darn Cute’s designs, and she has just released the MomPreneur StudioPress theme:

    MomPreneur – it’s definitely a feminine theme, but it’s right up my alley. I don’t currently own this theme, but I have Pretty Darn Cute’s two other StudioPress themes, and have been really happy with them.

    Susan @ One Happy Studio I offer theme customizations I tweet!
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    I’m trying out shopping carts at the moment and have looked at most. A couple of general points:

    They are all extremely basic in their free versions, if you want to do anything more than just sell a few things expect to pay extra (in some cases a lot extra)
    None of them has a decent reputation for support – days to respond is typical

    I quite liked Woo and have installed the free version with a free weight based shipping plug-in on a customer site and that suits their basic needs.

    For another site I needed a few more complicated shipping options and attempted to buy the table rate shipping extension. As I type Woo’s own shopping cart does not work and I’ve now waited ages for some support on this. They send a support ticket linking to support that you cannot access until you have bought something – Catch 22!

    I’m happy to pay a premium for a cart and shipping that works but unfortunately I have yet to find one.


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