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    You were correct, I didn’t save my changes to functions.php.  Once I went back in and added the uncomment code, the header option showed up in the Genesis/Theme settings.

    Now to tackle your sizing instructions.  Logo is still cut off.



    Brad, et al.,
    I implemented your changes, however Firebug shows something else is superseding the edits you had me make? With your suggested revisions, I saw a little movement (the tiled background image now is larger than before) however the image still doesn’t take up the full header area, the header background is not yet black (090909) and resizing the browser window crushes the whole background image down instead of the background image staying fixed at 100%.

    I combed through the few pages of the child theme and cannot isolate where the first header call is being made. If I delete the header image using the Appearance>Header interface, the header graphic disappears and reappears as one would expect.

    Any ideas?





    Worked perfectly for me in Firebug on your site.

    Email me a copy of your child theme brad@wpsites.net



    Brad, thank you for taking a look at this. I just sent it over.



    I have similar issues with Outreach.

    Spent hours trying a zillion ways to try and get a header going.

    The theme creators should look into this. I haven’t seen them intervene? It shoudln’t be that difficult to place a header and center it. Going to follow this thread with great interest. My next move will be to try another theme which may not have this issue with allowing custom header changes.





    I agree.  I’ve worked with around ten of the Genesis themes (give or take a few) and have never struggled this much with a simple problem.  I would switch themes, but this is the client’s choice so I need to stick with it.

    I’m not a web developer or expert designer, but I also agree that they should track the forums on the themes they’ve developed.  It can only benefit them, and all of the users.




    I sent a support ticket asking StudioPress to look into it and included a link to this thread. Maybe if enough people also send a support ticket it will grab their attention…

    I suspect there is a “relative” positioning of some elements which, once titles are removed, forces the header to be left algned. But I don’t know…


    Jen Baumann

    Hi everyone. I’m going to close this thread since it seems to be causing great confusion for users. If you are having problems with your Outreach custom header, please submit a support ticket at http://my.studiopress.com/help/.

Viewing 8 posts - 31 through 38 (of 38 total)

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