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    I’m using the Agentpress child theme and having trouble with navigation for example: [page 1 of 3] [1] [2] [3] on the bottom of the page.  I have created a “Listings” link in the primary navigation menu that displays the entire contents of all the listings published on the site.  I am using the “Archive” template and when I set the reading settings to “Blog pages show at most = 99″, it will display everything on a single page.  However when I limit the “Blog pages show at most = 9″ it will not show the additional navigation to goto page 2, 3 etc on the bottom of the listings.  I have attempted to use third party plugins (wp pagenavi, and wp page numbers) but still no luck.  The genesis settings are set to “Select Post Navigation Technique: Numeric.”

    Our site is not published yet (re-doing an existing website) so the URL is still the IP address,  Once we get these last few issues debugged the website will be at

    Scott McLaughlin
    Owner, Heartland Hosting, LLC



    Please edit the taxonomy.php file and archive-listing.php file. Find endwhile; endif; and put genesis_posts_nav; before the endif; like
    endwhile; genesis_posts_nav(); endif;



    Thanks Nick.  You’re Awesome!  Works perfect now.

    BTW, converted this customer over from a VERY outdated HTML site that they could not update without asking for someone to make changes for them, and they LOVE, LOVE, LOVE their new WordPress Genesis AgentPress website.  Now everyone in the office can add/edit/change all their listings.

    Scott McLaughlin
    Owner, Heartland Hosting, LLC




    Hi Nat,,

    Can you tell me how you do this… showing all post in a single page..

    Please help me..





    You must also add to your functions file.  I did Nick’s suggestion and then this: and it works.  Still need to adjust the CSS to make the next/previous float left and right.

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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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