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    I’m modifying Parallax Pro for my needs. I am finding that my homepage’s background images are doing a sudden jump or shift in positioning as soon as you begin to scroll. You’ll only notice it if you pay attention before you start scrolling. After I begin scrolling, even if I stop and start scrolling again, the jump does not happen. I can replicate it when I reload the page and then scroll.

    Any ideas what is going on with the background positioning?


    As you posted this a while ago, I hope your issue has been resolved. If not, please check back in here, and I will troubleshoot (or escalate) as appropriate.

    If your issue has been resolved, please mark it “resolved”, so that it can be closed.


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    Thanks, Susan.
    My issue is still unresolved. My site has moved to The issue is present when the browser window is smaller than 1120px wide. As I study it more, it seems the image is resizing, not repositioning as I previously stated.

    Any suggestions appreciated. It’s a minor issue with my site that nobody else seems to have noticed.



    Ever figure this out? I’m trying to avoid this too in the 411 theme… Is it possible to have backstretch active on desktop browsers but change the css so it’s a different background on mobile versions only that isn’t backstretch so it doesn’t jump when you scroll?


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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