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    I’m modifying Parallax Pro for my needs. I am finding that my homepage’s background images are doing a sudden jump or shift in positioning as soon as you begin to scroll. You’ll only notice it if you pay attention before you start scrolling. After I begin scrolling, even if I stop and start scrolling again, the jump does not happen. I can replicate it when I reload the page and then scroll.

    Any ideas what is going on with the background positioning?

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    As you posted this a while ago, I hope your issue has been resolved. If not, please check back in here, and I will troubleshoot (or escalate) as appropriate.

    If your issue has been resolved, please mark it “resolved”, so that it can be closed.


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    Thanks, Susan.
    My issue is still unresolved. My site has moved to The issue is present when the browser window is smaller than 1120px wide. As I study it more, it seems the image is resizing, not repositioning as I previously stated.

    Any suggestions appreciated. It’s a minor issue with my site that nobody else seems to have noticed.

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