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    Hi I need to password protect access to two different pages…..and by not using the usual page visibility options of wordpress….and a few extra criteria. Here goes: I have two pages with different content. Each page should only be viewed or accessed by specific users. I will have a “client login” page but all it needs to be is just a password enter section…not user name and password. Their will be two for each page and depending on what password is entered you will be redirected to the appropriate page. hope this makes sense???…..

    So basically i have a page with a password login option…..and depending on what password i enter (one of two) it will redirect me to the appropriate page on password enter…

    hoping there is a plugin that can handle this type of access restriction…

    thank you




    Don’t think there is one that covers all your needs in one plugin.

    Would be easier to get custom code that does exactly what you want it to do based on your theme and integrate it with all the native WordPress features.

    I might be wrong as Gravity forms may be able to do this.



    thanks Brad….I was going to use premise but it is a bit “over qualified” and works based on the wordpress user reg …using usernames and passwords. So i will take a better look here as well as check out gravity form..appreciate it



    Nomad, I agree with Brad, this sounds like custom code. I did a lot of research on membership sites (we’re currently using Premise and Paid Memberships Pro together, I also looked into Pippin’s plugin and some others) and I’ve never once heard of any that will redirect based on the PASSWORD that’s entered. I doubt you’ll find something pre-built for that requirement. Maybe you can do it with Gravity Forms (or our preferred forms plugin, Formidable Pro).

    Would be interested to hear what direction you go with, if you want to report back later.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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