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    Hi all!

    Im am trying to move the main navigation on to sit just above the footer widgets as it is now but the background image of the nav to be full width (same as the footer widgets background image) Could you please take a look as i am unable to see what is wrong, the code seems to place the hook before the closing div so it is ”trapped” within the element. I have tried useing firebug and have tried many before and after hooks without success.

    The Theme is Fabric.

    Thank you for any help

    Warm Wishes




    It’s wrapped inside the #Inner. You need to put it in its own DIV and wrapper. You can probably see how it’s done in the Footer-Widget area.



    Hi Anitac,

    Thanks for that, Yes it’s trapped in the #inner and I don’t know why, the hook I added to the functions.php i

    <code>/** Reposition the primary navigation */
    remove_action( ‘genesis_after_header’, ‘genesis_do_nav’ );
    add_action( ‘genesis_after_content_sidebar_wrap’, ‘genesis_do_nav’ );</code>

    In firebug, when I manually copy it and paste it to after the #inner (<!– end #inner –>) line it works how it should.

    Can anyone point me to an article explaining what I need to do please? I thought placing the action “genesis_after_content_sidebar_wrap” would place it after the #inner rather than inside it, I cant find an article on studiopress explaining it, I’ve look through the hook references and tried all different hooks with no joy, and emailed studiopress support and was told to ask in the forums.

    anitac – is my hook correct but I need to create a div and wrap in the css, if so can you offer any pointers?

    Any help/pointers really appreciated

    Thank you




    Hi Danny,I hope this will be helpful

    i dont know whether this exactly solves your problem but can certainly help you.

    Vivek R – @vividvilla
    Genesis Child Theme Designer and Blogger at WPStuffs.
    For affordable Genesis Child Theme design and Customization Contact me here



    Hi Vivek,

    Thanks I’ve had a read through those articles and they seem to be along similar lines so a good reference for future.

    They do relate to what I am trying to achieve although in this case the main wrap is already full width so everything is inside it.

    I really dont understand, the action that I placed in the funtions.php is saying “put the nav after the content_sidebar_wrap – yet it places it inside it, why?

    Can anyone from studiopress take a quick look please?








    I am still very Much struggling with this if anyone can help?


    Warm Wishes

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