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    Is Premise working yet? I have contacted support at Premise but have not heard back.

    I launched a website yesterday and just realized that Premise is not giving member access to Members Only area. It only gives access if you are an Administrator.

    I saw this thread – – but it didn’t indicate if it had been fixed and I didn’t realize it before I launched a new site yesterday until a member tried to access a Members Only page.




    I just logged into my member account without issue.



    All I know is that the current Premise is no longer available for purchase to new customers, but they assured me that existing customers would continue to be able to use and get support for it even after their new version becomes available.

    I’m wondering if the new version will be cloud based, or if there’s more to the whole relaunch than that.

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    I still haven’t heard back from Premise support. I have troubleshooted everything from disabling all plugins except Premise and even installed Premise on two other sites (one with WordPress 3.7.1 and one with WordPress 3.8) and they all do the same – only give access to Administrators not Premise Members.



    Not sure why but I had to go to Dashboard > Users and edit complimentary product by adding complimentary product (free product) to them again and saving it twice (not sure why).

    screenshots may help.


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    The best place to get help for this is the Premise help desk. They will be getting back to you shortly.

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