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    I’m getting a significant error with homepage post preview images on the Lifetsyle Theme

    I’ve gone to Genesis> Theme Settings>Content Archives in order to “include featured image” and I’ve selected the home page size 120×120

    The problem is that the theme home page is now previewing pictures for every post using pictures from within that post. When I add a featured image it doesn’t overwrite the image that’s already being pulled from within the post.

    Worst, the images aren’t resizing properly….I’ve now got images at 120×45, 120×46 and numerous other heights (width does remain at 120).

    Is there a problem with the resizing script? Is the theme over-riding wordpress standard featured images function?

    My URL isn’t set yet so I can’t send, I’ve tried switching off all plugins so there’s no plugin conflict.

    Could you please help?





    Hi Peter,

    Can you look in your wp-content/uploads/ folder using FTP to see if there are multiple copies of the images stored at different image sizes please? They should be names image-name.jpg, image-name-150×150.jpg, image-name-120×90.jpg for example. This will show if the resizing script is working.

    Also try running the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin to regenerate all the image sizes.

    Then if it’s still not working, update the settings and save them again. Ensure the posts being displayed definitely have a featured image set and try adding a post with a featured image but no images within the post content.

    Let me know how that goes and if this solves the problem.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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