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    We are using the Prose Theme for our blog About a month ago the formatting changed on it’s own. Once you are on the homepage and click to read a specific post, the formatting changes to something different than it should. The pictures are twice the size, the printing is larger. Could anyone advise what the issue might be? The url is to the incorrect formatting that is happening.





    It looks like the site is serving up a “mobile version” of certain pages (like the one you linked to above).

    Do you have a plugin or alternate theme installed that is designed to create a mobile-only version of the site? Perhaps a plugin you installed or updated about a month ago, coincident with the onset of formatting problems? Whatever plugin/theme it is, it must not be correctly figuring out which devices are mobile (since it’s showing me the mobile version of that page, even though I’m using a laptop with a full-size screen).

    Or there’s a conflict between that plugin and another plugin. That’s always a possibility.

    My first step would be to disable whatever’s supposed to create the mobile-only site, and see if that fixes the issue. Prose is mobile-responsive already (although there are a few things you can do to improve the way Prose sites look and work on smaller screens), so if you can live without an entirely separate mobile version, I’d say that’s best.

    I love WordPress, Genesis, and the Prose child theme (my complete guide to using Prose is here: Say hi on Twitter: @wendycholbi

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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