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    Is there any update to the style problems from updating to 1.9.1?

    I’m on the prose theme, and when I updated to Genesis 1.9.1 today all my design styles look like they were reset. Red links instead of blue, different fonts etc.

    The weird thing is that within my design settings, everything appears to be as it was. For example, the font for my body text says Arial in the settings, but is actually Palatino  on the site.

    My meta titles also seem to have disappeared and my header isn’t showing the full picture, even though the settings have the correct image selected, and it is 940 x 220 px as requested.

    Any ideas on this or news on this that I’ve missed?






    I’m having the same issue…I’ve gone through every header style element testing custom code options to get it back to 960×270 – no luck.
    Lots of things broken after my 1.9.1 upgrade yesterday.

    Any ideas would be much appreciated.



    Just looked at your site Amy and saw that your header appears to be loading at the correct size now.
    Did a quick inspect element and found the minified.css.2 styles were the dominant style.

    I had minify css disabled on my site due to prior issues with custom code not working unless minify was disabled.

    A simple test – enable minify css – resave my settings and voila! … the header is loading correctly.

    Ahh, the joys of GSI [Geek Scene Investigation]




    It appears there are many issues with Prose 1.5.1 and Genesis 1.9.1.  On the 8th of January I received an email from Daisy at CopyBlogger support which reads in part “The exact cause of the problem has been identified and a fix will be pushed out in Genesis very soon. ”

    In the meantime she suggested a workaround that seemed to provide at least of some of the Design settings to present accurately (in my sites) and that was  to turn on the “Minify” option.  Your mileage may vary but it is worth a try.



    Just a few moments after posting this I got an email from support to say that they were still working on a fix, but that minifying the css settings would help in the meantime.

    It did!




Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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