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    I`d like to increase the width of the Prose theme, but changing the body default 970px in the .css file is not doing it for me.

    Yes, I cleared the browser cache. No, a caching plugin is not enabled. It just doesn`t seem to want to update.

    Please help asap?


    Ok I added code for the width in the custom code area. That worked!

    Now, how do I get the left and right side bars to work with the new width?



    Current body width 1200px

    I simply want more width in the main content area. It’s incredibly teeny to read content in 420 pixels.



    Really? No help? :(



    Hi there.

    Well, here’s an idea which can make life a lot easier. I struggled with the same issue.

    I understand the pretty pink background you placed BUT……….
    Your site WILL look a little better without it so simply make the background white (#ffffff) and it will appear as if your page is wider. Yes, the nav bars will not be full width but still it’s a lot easier than messing with the prose width.




    So maybe I should just go with another child theme entirely?

    I don’t know why people are still seeing that pink background, I changed it days ago. I wanted to make a design like this site: but gave up with the site width issues I was having.

    Currently, I don’t mind what I have so far. However, the darned side bars are not co-operating. I want to make everything dynamic, fluid, and not fixed width.

    Any suggestions before I scrap using this theme entirely?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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