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    I used Quattro which is responsive, so I took that to mean I didn’t need to do anything to make it work right on all kinds of computers and mobiles.

    But I used the test your responsiveness tool here on the Studio Press site and it looks flaky on all, especially the header, which doesn’t fit and you only see one of the words.

    Also, the client doesn’t like the way the right sidebar looks on her ipad. On the Studio Press tool it’s not so bad, but I used an online tool to see what it looks like (I don’t have an ipad) and it doesn’t look anything like the Quattro sample site looks.

    Could someone please run this site: http://www.senseofplacepress.com through the paces on an ipad, cell phone, etc. and tell me if it looks weird to you. Also, got any suggestions as to making the header fit on mobile devices and why the sidebar things don’t line up (center) on mobile but look OK on a regular site?





    It is responsive – as it comes out the box. But depending on anything extra you put in your website – you need to make sure that they are responsive. Such as the Youtube video on your home page – it’s not responsive. You can install the Fitvids Plugin so that your videos will reduce down on mobile devices. Some things will either need custom coding or possibly even a plugin to make it responsive. There’s not precise way to ensure everything you add will be responsive – but the theme itself, as you purchase it – is responsive.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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