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    I am in the process of teaching myself Genesis and redesigning my own blog. I have set up a test site for me to tinker with different designs and looks before I settle with a layout, colors, graphics, etc. I have looked at a few blogs for inspiration. One of the blogs I looked at uses the Fabric Theme. There is a container on this particular blog, and I would like to put a similar container on my blog. I don’t particularly like the Fabric theme overall. But if this container is included in the Fabric Theme or if the tutorial that comes with the theme explains how to add this container in the FUNCTIONS PHP file, I will buy it.

    My first question is: Does the Fabric Theme include instructions on how to add this container to your site?
    Here is the link to the container.

    The website in question is: aestasbookblog (dot) com

    My second question is: If there are not tutorials with the fabric theme about how to add this container, is it possible for someone to tell me how to add a similar container to my site above the content? What I don’t know how to do is to make the images auto update each time a new post is published in one of the particular hyperlinked categories.



    Hi there

    The short answer is no… that container doesn’t come standard with Fabric theme.

    BUT it’s simply a widget area placed at the top of the page – so this can be done with any theme you like.

    You can use this guide here: to style something similar for your theme.





    What is the code to make the thumbnails auto update according to the different linked categories?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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