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    Hi, I have been using both Genesis and Thesis with separate personal and business accounts for a while now. However, I have more experience on Thesis.

    Recently, and after much deliberation, I decided to migrate my favorite site from Thesis 1.85 to Genesis. I have a number of questions. I might also follow up with a few others as they come up. I’ll try and keep it tidy in this thread if I can’t find my answer in a search.

    1. In Thesis there is a custom folder within the theme with a custom_functions.php file and a custom.css file. I have installed the Minimum Genesis theme on my site and I’ve tweaked a lot of it via the UI. Now it’s time to go add some custom functions and custom CSS. But I noticed, there is no custom folder with those sheets. Surprisingly, my Genesis Clip Cart developed company site does have those options. What gives? How can I make custom PHP and CSS code without the risk of it getting erased by a Genesis or Minimum update?

    That’s it for now.

    For reference, the development site (which will be migrated to when I’m finished) is:



    Bill Murray

    1) A Genesis update doesn’t change your child theme, so you can safely update Genesis (the framework) without losing custom modifications.

    2) Up to this point and for the foreseeable future, child themes are updated manually. Therefore, if there is a Minimum update, you’ll have to determine the changes and manually incorporate those into your theme.

    3) You can create a custom_functions.php in much the same way Themedy does with Clip Cart. Stick a custom_functions.php in your child theme folder, and in your child theme functions.php, load that file if it exists. There’s a very minor drawback (loading 2 files) and no big advantage to creating a custom functions file, since you’ll have to manually update your functions.php anyhow. If you document your changes with comments, the benefit to using 2 files is limited.

    Hope that helps.

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    Thanks for the info… Good to know. I might stick with simplicity and use only one file. I’m about to wrap up for today, so I’ll give it some thought for now… -Danny

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