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    Just so I understand the htaccess redirect a little more, it will replace the primary url of every incoming link from to It’s not going to just redirect all incoming links to just the home page?

    So I am thinking to be safe, I should just do individual redirects on everything? Sounds like weeks of work.



    That’s the way that .htaccess snippet should work, yes.

    And if you want to maintain the Google love you already enjoy with your current site, individually redirecting your old links to your new ones is the only way to do that… a mass redirect of everything just to the new home page will not preserve that status.

    And take it from someone who’s still working through fixing thousands of 404s, it will take you a while.



    That is where getting someone who is good with regular expression might work.



    Alas, the regex method can’t work for me. I have literally thousands of old Movable Type formatted permalinks, and there is no way to create a single pattern that will handle translating them from the old link name to the new one… the old links used underscores as spaces between words, the new ones use hyphens, the old links didn’t have yr/mo/dt or yr/mo and the new ones do… it’s heinous, and with the other sites I work on for myself and for clients, I’ll be at this for another 6 months at least, with just the two biggest sites.

    The archives are the worst… I have to actually go digging through for snapshots of my site they took between 2002-2006, just to figure out what month/year /archives/000045.html is supposed to be, or somesuch.

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)

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