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    I’m thinking about using a fresh installation of WordPress. I’ve had my blog for a while now and have made customizations long before using StudioPress.

    My question is.. what is the best way to approach this? My blog is on

    My general plan is to backup everything:

    Genesis configuration
    Blog posts via export

    Should I use wp-migrate-db to a local installation, reinstall WordPress, and migrate back?



    Yes. Test first locally with WordPress 3.9 and backup your files as well.



    Thanks Brad.

    I was able to upload my site to a local installation but found that there’s something up with my database because of the way widgets are displayed. That’s my primary reason for reinstalling. Must have been a modification I made a while back ago.

    Basically, the widgets aren’t dynamic. I end up clicking edit and the widget opens in a new page. So there’s no drag and drop to move the widget order :/



    Okay I feel like a dummy. I fixed it by going to Screen Options and then disabled accessibility mode.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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