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    I’m using the Going Green theme and I’m trying to replace the Primary Sidebar only on the front page with a custom Sidebar. I am a real newbie to coding etc but do understand that I need to register a sidebar and then put code somewhere to activate.

    I would appreciate help on:

    – The code I need to use to do this

    – Where precisely I need to put the code

    – Also – if anyone can point me in the direction of reading material on how to generally modify themes using coding that would be great.

    Apologies if this sounds basic, but I have been going around in circles in the forums. Thanks! Mike.



    Whats the difference between the default primary sidebar and what you want on the home page?

    Have you tried the Genesis Layout Extra’s plugin?



    The difference I want is:

    Static Home Page: Sidebar has NO email signup at top (it is contained in page content instead)

    All other pages: Sidebar has email signup at top.

    ( homepage shows what I dont want at the moment!)

    Thanks – Mike.



    You could simply install the Widget Logic plugin and add a conditional tag to the widget you want displayed based on these conditions.

    Another option, if using a static page as your front page is to install the Simple Sidebars plugin and create a custom sidebar which can be selected for use on any page.

    If you’re not using a static page as your front page, then the Widget Logic plugin is the best solution.


    is_home   displays the widget on the home page only


    !is_home  displays on all pages excluding the home page


     is_front_page   if using a static page as your front page.



    I used Widget logic as you suggested – which should work in theory as follows (?) – I am using a static frontpage:
    is_front_page should display the email widget on the front page only BUT the widget is still displaying on all pages
    then I tried !is_front_page which should display on all except front page BUT is is now not displaying widget on any pages.

    Not sure whats going on – but feels like I’m almost there.



    Try is_home use the page for the home page which you can grab from the source code and use it like this:




    That works – I used

    to exclude widget from the homepage.

    I assume that 21 is a static address for that page?

    Thanks a lot for your help, Mike.



    Affirmative Mike. It’s the unique i.d for that page which you can view in the source code.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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