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    Wow, almost ready to roll out a new site and noticed there are 38 active plugins! Sounds a little too many but thank goodness I don’t see a performance hit. How many plugins do you normally run on a live website?



    That’s a lot but not an insane amount. I run about 30.



    I have 24 and think that’s way to much. I’m trying to find way’s to remove them by adding coding to the theme files. It’s a slow process as it has to be compatibel with framework coding.

    Good thing I lurk on this forum daily looking at the coding tips everyone posts. lol

    It helps being hosted on as well. :P

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    Two of my biggest sites have 30 and 34 plugins, but on average most of the sites I put together for myself average 20 or so, and my client sites average less than that, depending on functional needs.

    As a habit, I do try to keep plugins to a minimum unless there are specific specialty needs. I also try to avoid hard-coding plugin features into the theme because when I decide to change my theme, I’d have to take the time to either work that into the new theme, or transfer them back to being managed by plugins. Given that a lot of my sites change up every 2-3 years, that’s a lot of extra work I don’t want to make for myself.

    But we may be seeing more and more plugins active on sites in the future, since WP is moving towards making some core features into plugins. I’ve even added the Admin Color Schemes plugin on sites I’ve updated to WP 3.8 just because I want those extra color options!

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    I have 7 on my main site.

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    So I am wondering why you guys think 30+ is too many? I have always wondered about this. Final code can potentially get messy but if the server is powerful enough, I actually don’t find any issues with running 40+ plugins.

    I looked through each and everyone and have decided they are all necessary for this new project :) Thank goodness, there is no significant slow down that I could detect.

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