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    I’m using the Outreach theme on my site at, and I’d like to do something different with the home featured area where the slider currently is.

    I replaced the Genesis Responsive Slider with the ML Slider plugin, because I didn’t have images large enough to fit in the GRS, and the alternate slider allows me to basically create mini posts.

    I’m now thinking I would like to have a static slide/image in that area that would include a head shot of me, along with some introductory text, telling visitors what they’ll find on my site, blah, blah, blah. My inspiration for this is the Greenleaf Accounting Group sample in the Studio Press showcase.

    I don’t have the expertise to work with code, so I would love to be able to accomplish this change with what I have on hand and not have to invest money in a designer right at the moment (probably later, though).

    I just stumbled upon the Background Per Page plugin, which looks like it might be just what I need. So, would this work?

    —Create a new page (or post) and add a background using this new plugin
    —Add my headshot image
    —Add the introductory text
    —Replace the existing ML Slider with the Genesis Responsive Slider (apparently the plugin won’t apply to the ML slides)
    —Link this new page (or post) I created to the GRS and make it the only slide

    Again, my site is:

    I’m getting ready to have a new logo and header created, and may change the site background to white.

    Thank you.


    Or you could simply use the Genesis Featured Page widget in the slider widget area and install the Easy Backstretch plugin to add your background image in any div element, default is body.




    Since I only know enough about the back end of WordPress to be dangerous, I almost understand everything you suggested. :)

    I’m familiar with the Featured Page Widget. Can I put it in the Home Featured area without a slider? If so, I assume I would just set up the page the way I want it to display on the Home page; however, I’m not able to visualize what that would look like (relative to the site background).

    If I could indeed do that, then my background issue should be pretty simple. Because I’m really only needing to change the gray patterned background between the green navigation and the four home boxes. And I know I can do that in the background settings.



    Can I put it in the Home Featured area without a slider? Yes, its just a widget area so you can put anything in there.

    The featured image would be displayed with an excerpt.

    Another option is to simply create the content in a post draft with your image and copy and paste the HTL from the text editor into a text widget in the home featured widget area.



    See……this is why I come here! I’m not always able to retrieve the things from my brain that I already know and apply them to a new problem. :) It won’t surprise you to know I’ve always been bad at higher level math as well. But, I’m a very good cook. :)

    It sounds like the second option you proposed might be getting me close to what I want. However, I’d prefer not to have the image prominent — the ideal is to have a thumbnail of my head shot sitting over to the right, but the introductory text taking up most of the space. So, if I understand you correctly, when I copy the HTL, it will include both the text and the image. That sounds right to me — did I understand it correctly?

    If I did that, then all I need to do is change the background in my Settings, and it sounds like I’d be good to go.

    Am I missing anything?



    Just create the content like you would in a post and copy the HTML from the text editor and paste it into a text widget. Simple as that.

    You can align the image in your post left or right.

    The HTML includes the code for the text and image.



    I’m late getting back here to thank you again for the help, Brad. You answered all my questions! Thanks so much.

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